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Leafy Podcast

Nov 30, 2019

In this episode, Leafy talks to executive coach and speaker Anne Sugar, who gives us practical and actionable tips on understanding our audience and branding ourselves. Anne has coached and lectured at both Harvard Business School and MIT and advised top leaders at TripAdvisor and Havas, to name a few. Anne tells us that we have to ‘flex to our audience’ so that they understand what we are trying to sell. Remember to keep it simple and use who you are and what is important from a values perspective. You have to be authentic. People are influenced by stories, so defining and practicing your story is important. Know your audience, do they like data? Do they like storytelling? Once you know what interests your audience, structure your story so that it will peak their interest. Anne also tells us to be authentic, it’s ok to make mistakes, being completely flawless can come off as unauthentic, over-practiced and sometimes robotic. That is when you are not in the movement in the meeting and can completely lose your audience.

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