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Leafy Podcast

Dec 6, 2019

In this episode, Leafy is joined by Mark Willis, Certified Financial Planner and owner of Lake Growth Financial Services and co-host of Not Your Average Financial Podcast. Mark had the most amazing advice for all of us today that will save our sanity and help us understand more about our finances.   Mark tells us not to prioritize someone else’s capital over our own capital, meaning, don’t always put your car loan or credit cards or student loan first, think about investing and saving at the same time you are paying off debt. He also advises to educate yourself, learn from the best, and become your own guru. You will become your own greatest asset if you do so and won’t have to chase ‘the next shiny thing’ in the investment world.  Mark’s last piece of advice, at the end of the show, will increase real estate yields without marketing risks, access cash from your policy as a line of credit for family vacations, real estate purchases, etc. within any state in the U.S. with no restrictions and prohibited actions. Listen in to learn more!

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