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Leafy Podcast

May 18, 2020

Today, Leafy Podcast interviews John Manes, CEO and co-owner of Pinnacle Storage Properties and Pinnacle Storage Managers. John is responsible for driving the culture, direction and overall operation of the organization. Pinnacle Storage Properties is a privately held, national real estate owner-operator focused in the acquisition, development, and management of self-storage assets.  Their investment strategy is to purchase under-managed, under-enhanced, and under-developed assets in suburban and secondary markets. John has been involved in self-storage since 2005 serving in multiple executive level rolls. John made his mark in the self-storage industry in his previous role as a VP at Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage (now Life Storage), when he concentrated on small but significant improvements to merchandise sales and then adding upgrades to operations and maintenance of the self-storage properties. John says that secondary and tertiary markets are historically successful markets for self-storage. He tells us to partner with someone who is knowledgeable in the self-storage industry to get started and you are bound to succeed.   

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